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      Hi, guys

      I’m a newbie here and work for a video making software company.We are dedicated on the development of a software which can help us direct use computer to capture live video synchronously from multi-angle through multi-camera. We think this may save time in synchronizing videos and save some storage such as memory cards or dedacated hard drives. What do you feel about it? Do you think it is useful or interesting? If so, how much would you pay for it? And what other functions should be added in your opinion? Come on, I need your advice.

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      Since it looks like English isn’t your first language (your home page ends with .it, Italy?), I’m not quite sure what you mean by “. . . direct use computer to capture live videos synchronously from multi-angle through multi-camera . . . may save time in synchronizing videos . . .” So let me describe how I utilize my resources at a shoot.

      The vast majority of my productions use three camcorders which I synch & edit together, adding B-roll video along with titles & graphics to complete the program. To do this, I tape the interviews or performance on every camcorder. I also record each mic on its own audio channel for mixing in post. On various occasions, I have recorded one of the camcorders direct to my laptop. Now as I understand it, your company is going to create some sort of interface that connects my computer’s single IEEE 1394 port to all three camcorders. Obviously I’d have to purchase at least two very long Firewire cables so I could connect all three cables into your device connected to my computer. I’m assuming you all know how to use the four pin Firewire port to simultaneously record three DV25 signals to a hard drive connected to my laptop. Then I can import AVI2 files into my NLE to edit. And they synch easily since they all start at the same instant.

      Under those conditions, I would have absolutely no interest, even if you gave it away. I would need Firewire cables between 15 and 20 meters in length to connect to my laptop and I’ve read that cables of that length require amplification. So it is already looking very pricey to connect to your interface, not to mention the price of your software/hardware package. But you asked what features it would take for me consider spending that money.

      I’d think very seriously about purchasing a device that can connect the 3 or 4 camcorders to my laptop and let me do real-time video switching. So what I’m talking about at a minimum is a stripped version of a digital switcher, like the Sony Anycast Studio or the New Tek Tricaster, using Firewire connections. You’ll need to get the three or four cameras, a preview and a program displayed on the computer screen. And at the very least have adjustable dissolves and cuts for the program out, which would be recording in real-time to a selectable hard drive. Of course, ideally, the switcher should be able to do a PIP, assorted wipes, import animated graphics for lower thirds with the ability to key titles over it all and a chromakey function. Of course there will have to be a way to mix the eight camcorder audio channels with a stereo music bed from the computer. And don’t forget about an external monitor for both program and preview signals.

      Now that I’ve described my dream machine, what would I expect to pay for it? Well if it can achieve what the New Tek Tricaster achieves, it would have to be worth six to eight thousand dollars. While the Sony Anycaster does the same stuff but using HDSDI inputs, it does it all to high def video. And they get nearly $20,000 for that.

      So I hope this helps with your development of a great product.

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