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      I shoot events in which a person speaks and an audience listens. I use two cameras;camera oneon the speaker runs continuously andcamera twoon the audience starts and stops, recording people’s reactions. I then capture the both cameras’ footage into Avid Express Pro and edit using conventional means. The finished edit appears as if it was shot using a switcher. But the work is time consuming. I have to listen to the voice on camera two and then sync it with the audio of camera one. I know Multicam editing would be the solution, but I just don’t know how to go about it. I tried using the Help but learning Greek might be easier. I’d be grateful for some help.

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      Don’t use the audio from camera two. Always stay on the audio from camera one and just place the crowd video where you want it.

      Lay down the footage from camera one (of the speaker) with audio. Then just lay down clips from camera two (without the audio) onto a higher track on your timeline. Simple.

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      LeftTurnLarry, Thanks very much for your advice, but that is what I am doing right now. What I would like to learn is Multicam editing (in Avid). In Multicam editing, all the cameras (whether two, three or four) must run simultaneously without any onestopping. Then in editing, you put each camera’s video footage on a separate video track and the audio from the main camera onone audio track. Each camera’s footage must have a sync mark at the beginning, say a flash from a still camera or if possible, from a clapper. All of these marks would be the “in” point. Then you hit play and using your keyboard you can switch between cameras, like they do on livetelevsion. That’s all I know. Perhaps if anyone knows of a book which explains this technique, please tell me. I know its easy on Premiere Pro, but I’m an Avid man. I would really like to learn how it’s done in Avid. The manual and Help explain how to go about it but I’d be better off bouncing my head against a concrete wall. Thanks again. Sham.

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      Sounds interesting. I am a Final Cut user myself, but I am curious if there is a similar feature.

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      Whaddya know! I happened to mention this to a video friend and he lent me a DVD named “Desktop Images -Avid Advanced Editing Techniques, Level 3” and boy, is it so easy. So now I’m happy. I’m just waiting on a job to try it out.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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