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      Hi to all. I need advice.

      i am upgrading from 2 to 4 cameras all are minidv, and since i am going to use 4 cameras i have now the problem of editing time. I editing on a G4 dual cpu mac, and final cut pro

      1 Download the video to the computer 1 hour from each tape and most of the time there are 2 tapes for camera.

      2 sync the videos to edit different angels.

      So what I want to do is capture the video on tape and at the same time on a HD the 4 cameras have firewire.

      My idea is to get a capture a pc and some how download the video to seperate HD so i will not have problem i read some post. But i need feedback.

      can i connect 1 computer and have 4 HD one for each cam. or a nother way.

      I hope I was a little clear

      Thank you

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      you coulduse hard drive devices like a firestore DTE (direct to editing) on the cameras and then transfer that to a computer.

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      Unless you have multiple computers, or a really powerful one, I think you are stuck importing the ‘old way’ You could get a assistant editor to prepare stuff like that.

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