Multi Shot Of Same Subject In Same Scene With Movement.

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      I hope I can describe this accurately, I dont even know what this effect is called.

      I have a scene with two people laying on a bed sleeping, they are not covered by anything. The first part of the scene is lets say about 5 sec. with a 5 or 10 sec. lead in before the first movement.

      In the 5 sec. one subject gets up and leaves the bed at about half the speed one normally would. (This is done by the subject not an effect unless needed to be SFXed.)

      I need to show the stages of the subject getting up. As in, when they reach the mark of the movement the starting position is still visible, when they reach the third stage of the movement the second stage image is still visible. The other subjects position never changes, it remains completely static during the fist subjects movement. After the first one is out of frame the same affect will be applied to the second subject leaving the bed. This will be in its own time frame,

      The only thing I can think to call it is a ghosting technique. Im sure youve all scene it, its used a lot in slow song music videos.

      If anyone can help me, point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

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      What software do you have available to you?

      There area couple of ways to do this in After Effects

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      I have Final Cut Studio and After Effects 7.

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      I would suggest using After Effects for a project like this. You might want to Check out this podcast from Creative Cow. The show on analyzing motion might be similar to what you are looking for.

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      This is great Jerron,

      It gives me a really good starting point. The only thing he did differently from what I want to achieve is it’s speed and the previous images (frames) fading as the ghosts proceed. But that should just be a matter of adjusting the opacity of the preceding frames. It’s going to take some playing with, (I’m not all that experienced with AF,) but I should be able to get what I want. Thanks or the help.

      I know that the strength of a forum is to fist search before spitting questions on to it but often I don’t know what the term is for what I need to know. Is there any sort of book or site you know about that has a strong glossary of terms? If I know what to call what I’m looking for I am pretty effective at finding the answer out there regardless of the subject matter.

      Thank you very much for your guidance on this. Brian

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      no prob.

      There is also an effect called echo in AE that can create a ghosting effect.

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