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      I’m doing a 2 cam edit of an hour long program in Premier Pro. All’s fine up to a certain point, after which there is no audio. I see no difference in the settings of the last clip with audio and the next one with no audio. The audio track in the multicam window isn’t muted, and the source audio plays fine. I can’t figure out what i did to kill the audio, and I’ve exhausted all my ideas. Can any one help?

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      Re-lay it?

      Trim it out frmo the exsting tracks on A1 and A2?

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      I’m only using the audio from cam 1. I’ve tried relaying it and again I lose the audio after 50 or so camera switches. Not at the same place, but about 20 minutes into the 75 minute video. It’s a lecture and I’m using cam 2 for audience cutaways and varied shots of the speaker.

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      BTW I’m new to PPro, and the multi-cam editing feature, having just upgraded from Pr Elements 7.

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      I do a fair amount of multi-cam and will nest the timelines into other higher-level timelines. Once in a a while I lose the audio in the higher level one (never the “multi” or “target” timeline) and all I do is the Sequence > Render thing, and if it wouldn’t let me then I delete the existing ones first.

      Now that I think about it, I’m not sure it has happened in PPro Cs4 4.2 yet, but I can’t say it has been fixed.

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