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      I shoot with 4 remote control analog cameras that feature 6 preset positions each. I found that I can plug these cameras in to USB capture devises and then plug the devices in to the computer through a 4-port USB-II PCI card so that I can view each camera through a separate Windows Explorer window. I can also save thumbnails of each preset position by clicking on take a picture in the side task bar. These thumbnails line up across the bottom of each Explorer window for each camera. I then use 2 monitors and tile the windows horizontally. The computer will recognize all 4 cameras but the refresh rate is substandard.

      My dilemma goes deeper than that. I use Pinnacle Liquid Editions (LE) multi-cam edit feature in post to sync the separate camera views and then switch from one view to another. It will also allow me to see the audio wavelengths so that I can make my edits based on the audio if I need to. I can move back and forth, from view to view in real-time or frame-by-frame.

      My problem is the time it takes to get the video on to the hard drive. If I shoot a 2-hour event, it will take more than 8 hours just to get all 4 veiws on to the hard drive before I can begin to edit. Also, with LE, the multi-cam edit will only work with video that has been captured with LE. LE will only capture one video feed at a time. It will not use imported video with the multi-cam feature. To me, this is a major shortcoming with LE. Im open to using another program that overcomes this limitation. Other than that, LE is awesome!

      I could use a separate computer for each camera with a separate copy of LE on each computer and then try to figure out how to copy specific files to the editing computer.

      I tried mixing on the fly during the shoot but its hard enough to run 4 cameras at one time. I probably could do it that way but I get much more control over the editing in post.

      Any ideas?


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