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      My Canon Vixia HG 20 worked well on an older (but extremely slow) computer using Windows XP. Since I’ve upgraded to a Windows 7 computer (see below) there seems to be no good way to transfer files from the camcorder to the computer’s HD.In Win XP, I would go to the camcorder’s AVCHD/BDMV/Stream folder and drag and drop the MTS files and it worked beautifully. In Win 7, drag & Drop apparently works, but it’s so extremely slow that for rpactical purposes it really doesn’t work at all – a 20 second clip shot at medium resolution might take3 hours (yes – literally!) minutes to transfer.

      The software formerly used by Canon, Pixela, doesn’t work with Win 7. I’ve called Pixela, and they told me that they have no plans to support Win 7, that in the future all maneuvers with the Canon Vixia HG 20 must be done using Windows Live Movie Maker. I phoned Canon technical support and was told the same thing by them.

      This is a HD camera, and its HD contains some videos which I must not lose. Is there any way these HG 20 files can be transferred to the computer at any sort of reasonable speed?

      OS is Windows 7 Professional. Computer has Intel i7 960 chip running at 2.66 GHz. 6 GB of RAM. Graphics card is NVidia with 1 GB of onboard RAM.

      I’m at a point where I feel I must resolve this problem or abandon this very nice camcorder.

      I would be very grateful for any replies at all. Please don’t hesitate to post them here, or (even better) send to

      Thanks – Bill Hansen

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      I don’t have Windows 7 but this sounds familar. I’ve used XP a lot, and one machine of mine had Vista on it. When I transfered files using Powerdesk (a freeware file management program) it was REALLY slow on the Vista machine. But when I used Vista’s Computer to navigate (like My Computer) and simply copy and pasted, it worked fine. Something about Vista, I figured–it didn’t like Powerdesk for some reason, probably security related. Your problem might be similar–try copy and pasting or try using a different software program to transfer and maybe it’ll speed up.

      Your specs are certainly enough to make it work. Something is holding it back.

      In sum, try:

      cutting and pasting instead of moving or copying

      a different software program

      a batch file will probably do it, if Win 7 has a DOS prompt and if Win 7 uses XCOPY (or has an equivalent like ROBOCOPY–I use that for all my backups and it’s great and about as fast as you can get).

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