mpegs just won’t play anymore!!!!!!

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      I’m desperate for help.
      For the last 6 weeks I’ve been unable to play (previously playable) mpegs using windows media player. When viewing the folder they are in I can’t get a thumbnail to appear. They also won’t play with image mixer (I have a sony HDcam) but video, though not sound, will play with neoDVD. They play well with VLC media player. My harddrive is rapidly clogging up with home movies that I can’t deal with. The files will play on ither computers.
      Is anyone ott there who can help! Please!
      ps I’ve reinstaled wmp twice with no effect

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      I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but try this….right click one of the files and go to "open with" and highlight windows media player, than make sure you check the box next to the stament "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" than click "ok"

      Also, you may have to open up windows media player and go to Tools>Options and than click on the "file types" tab. make sure all the boxes are checked and click apply. If you can’t click apply, uncheck some of the boxes and than check them again…this should allow you to click the apply button.

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      First, I can only assume that the file associations were not messed up on your computer. The suggestion that COREECE made is only for that reason.

      I had the same problem as you a couple times.

      My Experience:
      The files worked fine one day, then next they wouldn’t work in any player I had installed. Quicktime, WMP, Real, etc.

      I ended up have a virus that screwed everything up and even though I keep my virus software up to date it still got through. On my computer it wasn’t just MPEG’s but all video files except .MOV files.

      I ended up reinstalling the OS and everything was fine again. THat was about a year ago. THen about 3 months ago the same thing happened.

      SOmetimes and complete reinstall is all that will do it.

      Okay, so I understand that you don’t want to have to install and reinstall your OS. Here is my suggestion. This is what I do. (If you have multiple computers you must do it once for each).

      1. Make sure you backup all of your important data. including IE favorites/bookarks etc, documents and such.

      2. Reinstall Windows. Do not just fix current installation but make sure you completely reformat the hard drive.

      3. Once the fresh version is installed, download all of the Windows updates. BUT DO NOT PLAY ON THE INTERNET.

      4. Once the updates are done, install your largest and most important software. Try to avoid any sketchy software that might be full of spyware or potential viruses like unknown freeware etc.

      5. Get a copy of Norton Ghost or some other drive cloning software and make a bootable Ghost copy of your Hard Drive. (Essentially this is what the computer manufacturers do when they give you the restore disks except you have the software you want).

      Now you are ready if your computer gets screwed up. If you have an unfixable problem, just back up your files and pop in this restore disk you just created and it wil bring your computer back to a fresh install. But what’s better is that all of the updates and software are already installed so there is minimal time and effort on your part.

      It usually takes me 20 minutes to reinstall my OS and get working again, if I have a problem. It is important though to make sure you are diligent about saving your files.

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