MPEG2 Codec missing on Premier. Help!

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Hi guys, I am a new chap here and having some issues importing my media on Premier. A bit of background I am using Mac 10.7.2 and Adobe Premier 5. Shot my media on a JVC GY-HM100U and it was ingested by copying the whole folder into my computer. My video is 1080 60i the .xml file says:


videoCodec="MPEG2_VBR35M_1920_1080_60I_MP@HL" ch="STEREO_2CH"


Neither Premier nor imovie can't open the media and the error I get is that the codec is missing. I tried to convert my media using the Video Converter by iSkysoft but the quality decreased exponentially. I also tried Calibrated{Q} XD Decode, but it won't play in real time in Premier and looks choppy.

Went and downloaded the JVC HD pro clip manager but ironically it doesn't recognize the media either and the error is that is not a m4p file. JVC site and other reviews say that there is no need to wrap or transcode and the media formats are compatible with Mac which is false or I am missing something.

Does anyone have any advice how to get around this issue? Your thoughts would be highly appreciated!

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When you look at the footage file in finder, what is the file extension that is being displayed? For example, whatever.mpg2 is there anything past the extension?

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Have you tried importing it into Adobe Media Encoder and then exporting it to the codec you prefer?

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Try downloading the following file from muvee Reveal help forum:

It prints a list of your installed CODECs to a text file on your desktop.  May be useful in troubleshooting your issue.  You may have a corrupted CODEC or another program installed an inferior MPEG-2 CODEC.

Sony Creative Software site offers the MainConcept MPEG-2 CODEC for sale if the Adobe site doesn't help.

Did you have any Adobe updates lately that may have caused the problem?  Maybe you need to update or reinstall the progrm?