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      I have two mpeg-files containing the footage of our theater program, which I want to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro 2. Both files are about 1.5 GB and about 45 minutes in length. Last week I mastered the basics of editing, cutting, adjusting shadow/highlights, adding titles and such – but I still consider myself a newbie.

      When I input the mpeg-files (which contain both video and audio) and drag them to the timeline, the video and audio tracks appear to be out of sync. At the end of the first mpeg, time difference is about a second. I guess this is due to the way Premiere handles mpeg-compression. I am using Windows XP Pro, 2 GB memory, standard DivX codec installed.

      What is the best way to get audio and video synchronized? Convert the mpeg-file to AVI (for example) beforehand? Cut the file in several pieces? Any (freeware) tools for this? Or does Premiere have a more elegant solution for this problem – I am quite sure I am not the first one experiencing this.

      Thanks a lot!

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      Microsoft Dv AVI is premiere’s default native format for a pc, so converting the mpeg to and AVI would be the best method…You could do this by using a converter with the microsoft DV AVI codec (not just any AVI codec like DIVX) or you could convert it by exporting the mpeg from premiere as an AVI and than importing that AVI back into premiere so you can edit it the right way.

      I suspect that the sychronization is off because the mpeg is not rendered…I would just export a small clip as an AVI and see if it is insync…if so…export the whole thing as an AVI…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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