MPEG-2 Plugin for FCP???

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      I recently purchased the MPEG-2 plugin for Quicktime from the Apple website because I read somewhere that this would transfer to all applications on the MAC.

      In particular, I needed it to work with Final Cut Pro. But when I tried to import the video, it does the same as it always has.

      Video but no audio when brought into the timeline.

      Is there a FCP MPEG-2 Plugin?

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      are you trying to edit MPEG-2 video?

      Use MPEG Steamclip to convert to DVCPro50 or ProRes. It’s a free download.

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      I’d like to but can’t.

      I rather not have to re-encode all of my .TOD files to a FCP native format.

      Ideally I’d like to just import the .TOD files. But now that I’ve got the Quicktime plugin, I can at least do a quick convert of the .TOD’s to .MPEG.

      But the conversion to any other format using Streamclip take a while.

      Is there really No plugin for FCP to use the MPEG-2 format?


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      “Is there really No plugin for FCP to use the MPEG-2 format?”

      Not that I know of. It’s not really an editing codec. I believe cameras that record to solid state media will import as ProRes through Log and Transfer, but I could be wrong. I just know MPEG isn’t meant for editing.

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