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      I’ve worked with HD footage but mainly just as royalty footage. My
      workplace is now moving into full HD for all events. (weddings and
      stuff). I’ve done lots of research on editing with HD and we are
      getting new computers. I know that it’s a strong system but I want your
      advice about how good you think editing HD and working with After
      Effects, 3dsMax, Vue 7 etc… will work on this system that was
      recommended to us:

      HDStorm Plus – incl. EDIUS 5 (We work with Edius)
      Main Board Intel Chipset, Intel Core i7-920 2.66 8M 1333
      Total 12 USB-2 Ports for Device Com.
      Professional Low Noise Case 2x 12c Fan.
      HEC 500W True Power Supply.
      2x Front USB, 1X Front Firewire Port.
      2x 2024MB DDRIII 1066, Kingstone.
      NVIDIA 9600GT Display Adoptor.
      DVD Dual Layer x18
      250GB SATA II System Drive.
      2x 1000GB SATA II Storage Drive
      Giga LAN 10/100/1000
      Hi Definition Audio Codec

      (p.s. we have 20T of external HDDs so storage is not an issue)


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      What type of processor do you have, and how fast is it?

      That is the main thing that decides how intensely you can edit without your software lagging down or crashing.

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      dude it looks like you have a beast for a cpu.. you should be fine..

      Also check out the advice from the VideoGuys about cpu specs for HD

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      Yeah, like Akidoken said you have a strong enough system to comfortably work in HD. We’ve discussed many of your technical questions at length in the ‘To Build or Not to Build’ thread in the Editing section.

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      Try 4Videosoft HD Converter which can helps us to Convert among HD video formats, HD to SD(Standard-Definition) video formats

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      More RAM would be beneficial, also you should go with faster RAM 1333mghz since your board and CPU will support it. I don’t see a Blu-Ray burner in your specs. How will you distribute your HD project when finished? And if I were nitpicking I would say that 500 watts won’t be enough juice, go with at least 750 if not more.

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