Moving textures- where to find them?

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      (I hope this is in the correct forum.)

      I’d like to find some high quality, motion/moving textures. I found a girl on youtube who uses them and upon being asked where she got them, she got all defensive and refused to distribute the link to the website claiming that she wanted to be unique. Okay, well, I’d really love to know where I could find some. I’ve already downloaded a few on youtube but they’re not quite as lovely. Here’s an example of the kind of textures I’m looking for:

      Please, no links to generic textures like wood or something. I’ve probably seen them all on my week-long excursion for finding the moving textures- I still cannot find anything and most of the sites I’ve come across don’t appeal to me. Please help?

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      If you’re willing to pay for them, and are looking for high quality and a HUGE selection of such elements and more, and you’ve not already heard of Digital Juice – I’d take a look there.

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      As Earl said, Digital Juice offers outstanding value – high quality for (relatively) low prices – I have a huge amount of their stuff and love it.

      There’s also:

      Digital Hotcakes

      Motion Loops

      Video Co-Pilot

      Studio 1

      There are many more – Also, you could get software (like Particle Illusion or Axogon Composer) and make your own.

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      I totally understand the young lady’s mindset. However, gone are the days of Draconian style secrecy (someone please tell that to Apple.) The minute you put something out a second later, someone’s copying what you did. Nature of the beast. The only way to deal with it is to lead the hordes. Try these outfits too:

      Sony Vision Series

      K-Drops (Read the License Agreement first!)

      Footage Firm (Go to ‘Background & Effects)

      K-Drops are the only one’s that are free, so read the License Agreement Carefully and keep a copy on hand. It’s simple but it wouldn’t take much to end up in trouble through no means of your own.

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      Thank you for your prompt replies, everyone!

      I completely agree that she’s in no way in the wrong for wanting to be unique in her style- the only flawed thing about it is that people have already been using them before her, so in essence she’s nabbed her style from others as well. It’s lovely, though.

      Thanks for your links! I’ll go through them when I have more time. I appreciate your help. I’ll let you know if they’re what I’m interested in.

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      I use my d-slr and make my own.

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      Ahem. I’d just like to say, that you could have your own means of finding your moving textures without calling me out. Yes, that is my video. And yes, I have said that I do not like giving out a site that I found on my own. Im sorry that was such a bother to you. But other wise — the moving textures i used to make the video that you posted I made myself, actually. So I’d be careful what you might say, because It may not be true. Or at least use a better example. The rain-bow effect and the moving yellow globes are both still frame images with a simple editing of motion in my Final Cut Pro that got them to move across the screen or simply spin a little.


      – Giana.

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      Well I can’t say I’m surprised you found this link. In my defense, this is my means of finding moving textures. I wasn’t calling you out, I was telling it how it is. You had said you had a site, you never mentioned making them, which is why I assumed you had nabbed them from somewhere. Sorry for the “misunderstanding” I guess. But then then there’s that little thing called freedom of speech, no? ;]

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      hmm, well, i did ask giana where she got her textures, and on the reply that she wouldnt give them, i totally understood, and realised that she had found them, and she had a right to keep them a secret. its not her fault that other people are using them, after looking, i must say, i looked for a bit, but then gave up πŸ˜›

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      Hey jillwithaj wats the link just wondering or could you email me the link or something i;ve been looking for like a month now and cant find it!

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      Could I add Video Blocks to the lists above.

      The advantage is you can search their catalogues (catalogs in USA) and download the specific ones. (No waiting for the postal service).

      The run specials and that makes them cost effective.


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      Make your own. It's easy if you think ahead to how your video is likely to pan-out. Mine are largely backgrounds for titles etc. As a precaution, take a shot of at least 30 seconds duration. Nature furnishes some wonderful patterns. I have recently used shots of exposed tree-roots in a roadside cutting against a reddish clay background, as one example, and in another case, a shot from a high angle of a large expanse of water with no detail, whatever, but a vibrant rippling effect. Both made effective backgrounds for sub-titles and text-based information. I do not use 'transitions' (except for a very occasional cross-fade), nor anything which has to be bought-in or might introduce copyright problems. A little thinking 'outside the square' and pre-planning is all that was needed, and I've been subjected over the years, to many mainly amateur productions, which featured nothing much than template-based material and endless tedious 'transitions'. If you are going to produce anything worth watching, at least make an attempt to make it unique and personal.


      I must add, however, that I am not in it 'for-the-money'. I've spent thousands, and never asked for a cent back, so I can afford that approach. I learned from many years working as a successful artist, that 'money' and enjoyment are usually incompatible. Take a truly independent stance, and be beholden to no-one.


      Ian Smith

      Dunedin, New Zealand

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      I guess there are many more sites now that have motion backgrounds than before. also has some interesting royalty free videos that can be used and most people would like a video which they can edit just a little to get the motion background they want.

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