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      Well I borrowed 3 years and it is now time to pay the bill. In the mid 90’s I was told I had IgAN. The doctor turned me over and gave me a 15 year expatriation date. Well I stole more time. For the last 8 weeks my health took a turn and I am now in stage 3/4 more so 4, I got one stage left that lost one is the down hill ride of the roller coaster so it goes fast. This part can drag on for a few years and I better spend it with my wife and grown kids. I also want to focus on some more important things.

      I will not have the energy to haul around my video equipment so I am going to start the parting it off. I also need to attend to a few affairs to ensure my wife will be OK. I have not been able to get life insurance due to this pesky IgAN, so I have managed to pay off our debts except one, and that will now become my primary focus (not counting the house) I just bought this house and fought for a low monthly payment so my wife would have a nice place that is cheaper then rent.

      I will use the monies from the sale of my video stuff to pay toward that last debt, it is only $2,400, but enough to get my attention.

      I am unsure of the guidelines for listing the stuff here, but if I am told it is OK I will, so I will wait a few days until I hear back from the mods to see if it is OK, if not I will take my chances on eBay.

      Nothing can be done an I am thankful for the 3 extra years and perhaps stage 3/4 will drag on for a few, but I will not have the ability to do the video work I enjoy, and I do need to attend to this last debt for my wife’s sake.

      I will of course stay on here and spout my witty words. I can sit and use my wife’s laptop. Later as things progress I will have to part with my baby, my computer, I will NEVER get what it is worth. But alas I will have no use for it later.

      I also have to make my own memorial video. I have been making them for years for friends an family, free of course, I am not going to put the closing date on it, just fade to black and I am sure every watching will know why I did not.

      As things progress I will be closing my online accounts and turning over my web accounts to someone who can maintain them.

      I am not bitter, a little surprised, I had gotten use to going beyond the doctors expectations. Yes we considered all options and I am comfortable with my choice. But my point is to let you know that if days go by and I do not post it is because I am unable, if months go by check the obits in the Overton County News of Livingston TN. If I am there just delete me here. Also I am needed to know if it is OK to list my stuff for sale here.

      So there it is, darkness falls upon the actor as he makes his ay off stage, only to be replaced by another, younger, more experienced actor. My his name be remembered by someone somewhere.

      OUCH get off the pity pot.

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      Sorry to hear that, Gregory. You are certainly a solid and strong man in spirit and mind to take the direction you’re going. My respect to you for that. I personally do not see a problem with you listing your stuff for sale here. In fact, isn’t there a forum category for that?

      All my best to you. Stay solid.

      Regards, Earl

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      Dear Gregory, I am sorry to hear about your condition and when the time comes in those final days and if I can afford it, I will tape your last words that you want to share. We will miss you here on VM but you have blessed us with your wisdom. I live in St. Louis Mo so it is not that far, OK, I used to be an over the road truck driver and anything under 1,000 miles is not far for me. Gas might be a bitch but I will try to do what I can.

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      We’re sorry to hear about your health issues, Gregory, and your lament about not being able to make video anymore. We had to smile at your comment that you are making your own memorial video – spoken like a true producer!

      Of course you are most welcome to post your items for sale, we have a Classifieds page that was set up for our forums users to buy and sell their gear, since you made this post we noticed that you’ve discovered that page.

      You’ve been an extremely active member on our forums and your advice to new producers has always been well-said and in great positive spirit. Many of our long-time forum members have looked up to you and your sage words of advice for good reason. While we certainly understand that you can’t be here as often as you have in the past, we invite you to stay with the forums as long as you wish, our forums members have certainly benefited from your advice.

      As Training Industry Host, Ed Rogers, said in your post: “I hope you’re available for us as long as possible!” and the tagline to your posts says it best: “A Photo Captures but a Moment in Time: Video Captures a Lifetime in a Moment “- Good luck with your memorial video, don’t hesitate to reach out to the forums if you need help.

      – the Videomaker Editors

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      Thank you very much. I do plan to post a hidden link to my memorial video when I get it done. It is taking longer than expected. I find I can’t sit here as Long as I wish.

      But again thanks.

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      @Greg – Jennifer points out a marvelous thing. Your tagline is GREAT! May I use it when you no long need it (with attribution, of course)?

      Also, my email offer still stands (about the help).

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      That tagline has upset more than one photographer. This is one of them

      at the bottom of his page you can see an “adaptation” and in fact he “borrowed” bits of my tag. I shot the wedding he took the photos at, it was a challenge to work. What made it worse? I have known this boy since he was born and through marriages we are kin. The bride wanted me to use some of his photos, so we had to work together (the bride was his cousin) to make her happy, but he had a few “ideas” about my tag, then when I got the email with the photo link he BOLDLY plastered his new tag right at the top for me to see, he never has returned an email or spoken to me again. Through the family I found out he did not like my “ATTACK” on photographers. That is how he saw my tag.

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