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      Hello everyone,

      thank you guys for checking out my first movietrailers ( giving me feedback. i have a question, i was told by people i should start up a website for the movie?? does anyone know where to start?? i secured my domain name, but how much does it cost monthly?? how much to start up a website??? etc? is it worth it, i have myspace, but if i want distribution deals etc?? is my own website helpful?



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      Well it all depends on who you go through…. I know that through I pay like 5 bucks a month & it handles flash/html or whatever you need. The template on the site is awful, and way too complicated to figure out. I just used dream weaver & uploaded it through there. I think that it is worth it due to the fact that I spend 5 bucks a day on the dumbest stuff ever… candy bars, soda, etc. And the website, adds more legitimacy to my projects. Hope this helps!

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      there is always godaddy as well, even cheaper but it doesn’t handle flash uploads… however they do have flash templates & they are much easier to follow.

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      1and1 is ok unless you have problems. Then you will be talking to someone over seas and most likely will be extremely irritated before they tell you that they need to pass it on to the higher ups. As for godaddy, I heard they are only good for domains. I do not have personal experience with them. Currently I use hostgator for my websites and my business. They are good and if I ever have a problem, they resolve it quickly with their live chat.

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      I use godaddy for my website ( but I will be changing off of them once my subscription expires. SVTCobraLtd hit it on the head, if you need a domain, they are grat otherwise don’t bother. The management for your website is overly complicated and i have had to use support several times and even though they always help, it takes a bit of time out of my day. I am looking at and for the transfer. The key is to know what you need/want and do your research because there are a blue-trillion hosting companies so you need to know what is best for you.

      Good luck.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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