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      Hey Guys, I’m basically going to be using this site to get me through my first feature, lol.

      Anyway, I’m gearing up for the first day of shooting, and I’m still without a mic. I was thinking about a nice shotgun mic more the general scenes, and a set of two wireless clip-ons for the numerous walk and talk scenes.

      Any recs on inexpensive, high quality mics (do they even do a cheap set of two wirelesses?) Sound is always at it’s best when one doesn’t really notice it, and I just want it to be clear and professional.


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      Depends partly on the camera you’re using. Does it have an XLR input or the smaller mini-jack input? That will help narrow down what your mic options are. I use an Audio Technica ATR-55 (mini-jack) and it works fairly well. It was inexpensive too, only $55. XLR mics offer better quality, though they’re usually a bit more. You can get XLR adapters for the mini-jack too.

      I’ve never tried using lavs on a feature but those are generally tough to hide from the camera and more suited to interviews, weddings, etc. If you get a decent shotgun mic you should be able to use that; you’ll just need a boom operator to walk alongside your actors, or else re-record the audio after the scene is shot.

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