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      I made an hour long vacation video consisting of photos, video, audio, and music. Now I want to extract portions of it, each being like a mini-movie, for putting on youtube so family members can see them online. How can I do that, and still keeping each part intact. I am a beginner.

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      with Adobe Premiere I do this: (should be similar for other editing programs)

      use your “IN” and “OUT” markers on your timeline to highlight each section you want to extract out. In your export movie or encoding options choose “work area” instead of the default “entire sequence” – you will have to do this with each extraction.

      Happy Editing!

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      Any reasonable NLE will do that – Since you’re a beginner, I would recommend Sony Vegas Movie Studio – It’s under $100 and will probably do everything you need.

      You can also download a free, fully functional 30 day trial of all Sony products here:

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      In Vegas, it’s virtually identical to the process HDVideoPro described:

      Set your “In” and “Out” markers at the desired locations.
      Go to File and select Render As
      Down at the bottom of the dialogue box, check the “Render Loop Region Only” box.
      Choose a file name and Save.

      Repeat for each section you want to separate.

      I would definitely recommend downloading the 30-day trial of Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Then just follow the above steps.


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      If this is already a Premiere project then you only need to set the Work Area Bar over the area you want to export. Then under the export settings select ‘Work Area Only’.

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