Move videos from camcorder to computer – ImageMixer?

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      I have a Sony DCR-TRV22 which came with ImageMixer. But, once I transfer the videos into that program, I have no clue how to find them, so I can share them with family.

      Can someone help me figure out how to get my videos off the Handycam and onto my computer so I can share them?

      Thanks bunches! Jules

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      Maybe your computer can’t accept the format of your file of Sony DCR-TRV22. I also have met such problems,I resolved these problems through some software.Now there are so many mac products for free trial,such as Sony Walkman Video Converter, so you can download some,and maybe you can easily resolve you problems!

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      if you successfully transfer your video from cameras to ImageMixer, you can check the folders inside the Pixela folder in your Program files. ( Open the My Computer-C drive- Program files folder-Pixela). Usually the Capture and Convert folders.

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