Mounting a camera on the outside of my car.

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      Hello everyone,
      I was just wondering how I could go about mounting my camera to the exterior of my car. Is there a cheap way out of buying a car mount?

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Or you could do what I did, put my neighbor’s teenage son on the hood and had him handhold. Better make sure he weighs more than 125 if you go over 45mph though!

      Might want to have him sign a waiver too…

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      start thinking suction cups, magnets, clamps, pvc pipe and wire.
      maybe some gaffer tape
      before attaching teenagers to the hood….javascript:emoticon(‘}:-)’)

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      I’m another believer in Stickypods – they even work on the side fairing of my motorcycle. Just remember to secure the lens cap or it will flutter around!

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      I found a great car mount that I’ve used again and again…much more flexible/adjustable than the sticky pod, and not a whole lot more $$ Here is the link:

      If $500 is out of your budget, they have some cheaper ones on the site and even sell the sticky pods

      Also, there is a guide that a production brother put together on how to build your own production equipment:
      anything from dollies to tripods to cranes to car mounts. Here is the link:,M1

      Good luck…hope this helps

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