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      How do I create a “grid” (similar to sport grids showing how teams pair up and advance to the final) with individual lines (and team names/ photos) ‘flying’ in from (stage) left and / or right as they advance.

      Someone suggested “Photoshop” but that would be much to expensive and a steep learning curve. I’m (still) with XP on Vegas 4.

      Any suggestions for ‘simple’ software and supportive literature for newbies?

      Thanks for your advise.

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      Grinner Hester

      naaa.I second the photoshop/after effects combo. If wanting to do motion graphics you’ll have to learn these apps sooner or later.

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      Blender would fill that need quite nicely. It’s free, so the price point you’re after is covered. Unfortunately, the learning curve is a little steep. But if you’re willing to invest some time and ask around in the user support forums, I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the results.

      You can get Blender from

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      Hi Flap400,

      Not sure if this will help but for my last video I used Open Office (free) to make a slide presentation.(make your grid)

      Jing screen capture (free but I upgraded for 14.95/yr to save my screen capture video as a mp4)

      Loaded the mp4 screen capture vid into vegas 9 ( you may want to upgrade that vegas 4, no malice intended, just sayn)

      Edited with vegas 9 adding voice over, sound, wipes, ( generated media ) came out nice.

      My company is a startup, so we are bootstrapping big time. Check the video at our homepage at

      Since you already own vegas 4, open office is free, and jing is free, you should be able to produce a decent video for a very low cost.

      Lowell Davis Ceo

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      I work for a public access station that owns 4 Deko systems.  Our most recent purchase was a Deko 3000 for our main studio, but we also own 3 older systems for our production truck and remote sites.  One area where we find ourselves limited is Sport Productions.  We use a Deko Add-on called Sportsnet, but it has extremely limited functionality (at least in the version we have).  We're looking for some advice from people in the industry using Deko for Sporting events.  We would like to find an add-on that allows us to more accurately control a clock and stats other than just the score.  For example, it would be great for Baseball to have some way to show who's on base and keep a count of outs, strikes, balls, etc. on screen.  We know the potential is there, from viewing any network sport coverage, but we don't know what will allow us to get past our basic setup that only allows score changes.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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      Odds are that it can be done in something as "ancient" as Vegas 4.

      Can you give me an example (YouTube or elsewhere) of what you want to achieve?



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