Most Effecient Way Of Copying Mini DV Tape?

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      Hello all,
      I’m looking for your opinions on the most effecient, cost effective way of duplicating mini DV tape content. I perform some basic editing for an out of state client. Originally, they were Fedexing me the master mini DV tapes and I would then send them back once I had captured that content. They would now like to keep the master tape with them, and if at all possible not have to send it to me via any kind of mail service, being concerned about something happening to that master tape during transit.

      Our original thought was for them to capture the content to DVD, and send that DVD to me. However, they usually fill their 60 minute tapes which equal roughly 13GB of content. They only have a single layer DVD burner, so now we are talking about roughly 3 – 3.5 DVD’s per tape. That’s alot of media to deal with, not to mention the capturing/burning time on their end.

      We then started looking at mini DV dubing systems, but jeez are they expensive still! Unless we are looking at the wrong product, looks like a vcr that can copy mini DV’s runs around $2000.

      They do have two mini DV cameras, but unfortunately not of the same brand or model. Can we connect these two cameras via their firewire connections and just copy the content over to another mini DV tape that way?

      Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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      Some editing programs and cameras do support firewire in & out. That means the camera will record from the computer on the firewire port back to the tape. So after you copy the video to the computer, depending on the program, there should be an option to export to tape, or export to FW camcorder, or something like that.

      If your keeping the DV codec(sounds like you are with 13gb files) and not capturing to mpg files, when you export the DV file back it should be the same quality as the original since it was never converted.

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