Most comfortable camera bag, ever. The Burton F-Stop

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Okay, this is going to sound like a commercial-- but it's not-- I just love this thing so much that I have to share it.

Okay, the Burton Snowboard company makes the most comfortable camera bag that I've ever owned. Period. And I use it for everyday shoots, not just for travel and sports projects.

It was designed for Burton's staff photographers in the early 2000's, and has been available for the general public to buy for only a few years now.

I tend to carry 10-15 pounds of gear with me (video camera, tripod & lots of batteries). The padding in this backpack doesn't appear overy thick or plush; the comfort is all in the design. It's designed around an actual hikers backpack, with two aluminum bars (padded, don't worry) that run vertically through the bag. This design separates you from your lumpy camera gear.

And somehow, Burton sells these for just over 200 bucks. That's a steal!

Demo video by (of course, since they pioneered using online video for e-commerce):

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