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      I’ve dropped a couple of vids which show innovative ways to use your tripod to get shots beyond the standard ‘Stand and Pan’, ‘Stand and Tilt’. Here’s Derek Beck with some ‘Tripod Tricks’ to add to the list of thing you can do with your tripod from dramatic tilt zooms to using your ‘pod as a steadycam rig.

      Tripod Trix from Derek Beck on Vimeo.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Thanks for sharing Composite1. The simulated dolly effect using only two legs of the tripod is simply amazing. I try it myself just now and it really gives some awesome perspective to the video (I will use that trick a lot). The rubber band trick does not work well with my tripod because the head is a little sturdy.

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      You’re welcome Luis.

      Never needed the ‘rubberband’ because I tweak my ‘pods so I can get a smooth pan. The ‘two-legged’ thing is cool if you’ve got a grip to hold onto them! My fav’ is the ‘pod as steadicam. I do that with my full-sized rig on occasion (builds the biceps rather nicely.)

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      I have a Manfrotto bought used on ebay with fluid head so no rubber band needed when I use it. I also have a consumer level tripod which has a center shaft that can be removed andbecomes a monopod. I use it frequently as a’poorman’s steadicam. In fact our local botanical garden doesn’t allow tripods so my monopod accompanies me there and with a little ingenuity works as steady as a tripod as well as a steadycam. Bracing the foot of the monopod against one of my feet and gripping the monopod shaft and something fixed allows a very steady base for the shot. Just pivoting the mono usually gives a pretty smooth pan. It takes a little practice for these techniques it butworks pretty well and makes for light traveling. The monopod doesn’t work quite as well as the tripod for the simulated dolly shot because it is difficult to keep the camcorder from rotating. Keep shooting.

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      If you don’t have a jib or crane, you can also put the camera on a monopod or tripod held in the air (talk about building muscles!) and get some nice perspective shots

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      “If you don’t have a jib or crane, you can also put the camera on a monopod or tripod held in the air”

      I had a DJ convince me once to do this with my Z5. Scared the living daylights out of me but I did it. Fully extended tripod and center section and the base was at chest level when held. I ran around the edge of the dance floor and it did give some nice shot, but dangling a higher end camera in the air without holding it (only the tripod) especially over the heads of inebriated people probably is not the best idea.

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      The trick is you need to be inebriated as well!

      Also, I shoot with a lighter weight camera.

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      Yeah Double,

      Stuff like that are what ‘crashcams’ are good for. You could easily get a higher-end Point and Shoot with a video format similar to what your high-end camera is shooting and dangle it until the cows come home…. I’ve stuck them to the outside of cars, blown them up, shot at them, set them on fire you name it. Tripod tricks work ridiculously well with a camera you’re not sweating it getting smoked during a shoot!

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      “I tweak my ‘pods so I can get a smooth pan.”

      Composite 1, can you speak on these tweaks you applied? my tripod suffers from unsmooth pans

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      “… Can you speak on these tweaks you applied? my tripod suffers from unsmooth pans?”


      Other than basic maintenance (keeping it clean and properly lubricated), you have to make adjustments to your tripod when you’re using it to get it to perform best as it can. Also, what model and grade of tripod you bought will be prime determinations for how well it performs. Obviously, a $20 ‘S-Mart’ special is not going to stand-up against a Manfrotto HDV501. But, there is no reason that by setting your controls to suit how you move and practice within those limitations that you can’t get decent movement out of it. Cheap tripods will take more effort that and you have to stay within the weight capacities of your tripod too.

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      I shot this with a Bescor MP 101 motorized pan head on a light weight travel tripod, about $130 from B&H.


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