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      I have a business where a lot has to be done in a short amount of time. We have online video viewing as well as onsite video viewing. There is a lot of action in these videos; they can be viewed off of our website I do approximately 200 videos in less than one month (and they have to be exported not only to go online but also to go on the onsite viewing system. I have more onsite horses than I do internet horses. Many late nights are involved in this process, as you can imagine!!! I also get videos from all different sources, VHS, mini DV, Hi8, DVD, mini DVD, and some are sent FTP in an MPEG format. Some videos are very poor quality and Itry to clean it up if I have time (VHS). If we edit thevideos I only use cross dissolves, but some videos come edited (they have already been compressed). We do video a handful of these horses (which our videos always come out great on the web but others don’t). Here is my dilemma we have been using WMV and MPG1 file formats. We did this so people can view them in good and better quality. This year I did not put MPG1 online do to the time constraint (uploading time to the web). Problem with this is not all the videos look good in a WMV file and my Mac users can’t view them easily, I would like to get as good of quality as possible, but I have a lot of restraints. I am very interested in FLV but I know I have to export these from premiere first (not sure of what format they need to be in to get the best quality…maybe someone could help me with that??) Also I was reading in past forums about using Sorenson or ON2 because they have a dual pass. (I am a premiere pro user, pc based) Again I am concerned about time. My videos range from one minute to four minutes, can anyone give me an approximate exporting time for these in FLV??? Or is there something better that I don’t know about?? Should I use Sorenson or ON2, will the quality be that much better for the extra time it will take to do a dual pass?? What format should the videos be in when you take them into an application like Sorenson or ON2 or just to an FLV export?? I understand not everyone is going to be able to view online videos but I would like to find a format that will allow the majority of people the option to view videos with the best quality possible in the least amount of time (I know I am probably living in a dream world!!) I also know I can batch export not sure if Sorenson or ON2 have a batch exporter??? Something I could let run all night??? Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks

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