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      Okay… so these aren’t the greatest camera deals, but I think it’s a bit safer than going to the scam sites?

      Now, before you say so, I know that these packages aren’t worth the 4 grand or whatever they try to claim they are worth. And I know that the lens attachments are crappy, but is it worth it and then grab something like a Mack extended waranty? I’m thinking that the 1600 one is probably the best for me at this point, and I’m pretty skeptical about the one that makes you choose a lens attachment, but I thought I’d throw it in there.
      Basically, I’m thinking since it’s Ebay, and there are standards with Ebay that you can get your money back if they don’t ship anything or they ship something else, so you guys think it’s decent? Like, what kinds of potential problems could I get into here?
      I know these prices are cheaper than places like B&H, so it kind of feels like a scam even though Ebay is supposed to be safe, so what do you guys think? I know you warn about buying cameras on Ebay, but they are supposed to be ‘new sealed in the box’ so shouldn’t that keep me safe to at least get my money back if there’s a problem?

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      Be very careful buying from eBay – Especially high priced stuff. They may have policies in place to help you get the merchandise but that merchandise may not be exactly what you tbink it is – If it’s grey market, you might not have warranty protection, and even worse, you could be getting a knock off (I have had that happen with mini DV tapes from eBay which ruined my video heads!).

      As always with everyone and eBay in particular – caveat emptor!

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      I noticed a word that you used a few times in your post. "Supposed" Paraphrased it means; "should be!"

      Just wanted to point that out!

      I think I can pretty much speak for everyone on this board in that it’s your money and that you can obviously do whatever you want with it.

      Good luck!


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