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      I understand that this forum is more for the website but hopefully it will get to the paper people as well.

      I have been a reader and subscriber of Videomaker magazine for around 3 years now and a forum participant for the same amount of time.

      I received the latest issue of Videomaker magaizine and was sooo excited about what I found inside this month. A how-to on a DIY camera jib. That was so awesome. I’ve scowerd the internet looking for something like this and you finally put it in the magazine. Thanks.

      What I think you should do next issue is a DIY steady cam (no, not the poor man’s $15 one that’s all over the internet but the one that you wear like a harness). The one that is like the one advertised in your mag with the pretty girl wearing it.

      I was seriously considering canceling my subscription because it’s getting to the point where many of the stories are recycled from previous issues (I.E. How to do proper lighting. I get it already the story is done at least once a year…With the same pictures, none-the-less), and what’s more, most of the articles are product reviews for equipment that 90% of the videomaker community will never be able to afford, will ever want, or will ever need.

      Sure they are fun to look at in the stores but honestly, in the three years that I have subscribed to the magazine, I have read maybe 2 of the product reviews, maybe. Honestly, unless I am just looking for something to read before bed to lull me off to sleep I skim through the product review to the more interesting How-To’s and DIY’s (New feature this month) which are few and far between.

      The How-To White Balance article from a couple months ago is permenantly paper-clipped on my desk. You should make topics such as this and the DIY video equipment a permanent Chapter in your magazine each month. You know, for those of us who really don’t care about the latest $10,000 HP editing computer for the 5 month in a row or the $8,000 HD prosumer camcorder.

      Honestly I can look in any consumer electronics magazine or website for that kind of product review. It’s almost as if your staff has run out of things to teach the readers, so they decide to fill up more pages with product reviews thinking that no one will notice the reduced content.

      If I wanted to buy a magazine that was just a huge advertisement, I’d just go rip the adds out of the electronic store ads from the sunday paper.

      You’ve already shortened the magazine due to shipping cost. But now all that fills its pages are ads and product reviews that might as well be ads, whether this is how Michael York explains it or not. I know you’re not taking kick backs or being persuaded to review something for the positive when it is a negative. But when I, the reader, look at the magazine, all I see is one big ad magazine.

      I originally subscribed to the magazine because I wanted to learn some tips and tricks to becoming a better film maker. Now the only thing I can get from 75% of the magazine are the pros and cons of a hard drive tower or DVD duplicator that I will never purchase. 20% are paid advertisements and if the readers are lucky 5% might be a useful Video-making tip.

      So either start putting some useful video-MAKING articles in the magazine or it will no longer be worth my money to subscribe to your once useful and entertaining magazine.

      Thank you for your time.


      Brandon D
      South Carolina Wedding videographer

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