Moores Law (Intel & AMD)

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      Well some here know of my past post relating to Moore’s law, and the end to hardware upgrades. I just got my latest Computer magazine and ate up the article on Intel’s Sandy Bridge tri liner 3D gates. (Do not rush out and buy just yet, the bandwidth on motherboards will take at least a year to catch up). There is discussion that these new gates will increase Moore’s law.

      (Moore’s law-Every 18 months to two years (depends on who is counting) computer processor transistors will double themselves.)

      It has long been believed that the ceiling of Moore’s law would be reached between 2012-2015. But with the release of the Sandy Bridge Processor that is all changing (Maybe). The new structure of the Intel processor does allow for more transistors and faster procs, more instructions etc and so forth, BUT, the amount of traces (those lines of wire on the motherboard) has reached its limit, each trace is a data, or power bandwidth. More lanes more traffic. Moore’s law applies to all aspects of the system and unless a change is made to someone use the technology of Video processors GPU’s on the CPU die better we still may hit the end of Moore’s law.

      Why is Moore’s law important to video producers? Well we have to upgrade our hardware to be able to run the best software. But in this case, if you own the best Ive Bridge or Best AMD processor and have maxed memory on your board, then for the next year or so the only upgrade that you may want to consider is keeping pace with video cards.
      The Sandy Bridge processor is a quantum leap for computer technology, but that is why it may not take hold, it is such a major HUGE jump that the cost to the entire home user industry may not be worth it. When video cards can render games almost life like, and duel core procs (I do not know of any customer software yet that can take advantage of quad cores, so having a quad core is more brag then use) can multiprocess most applications, the idea of the Sandy Bridge may be too much, motherboards will have to increase in bandwidth, memory pathways will need to be increased, and yes memory itself will have to change. Why have a Sandy Bridge when you will bottleneck and throttle back in memory.

      So if you feel the burning need to upgrade to the New Sandy Bridge be prepared for your system to run equal to or slower than that of an Ive Bridge, in fact with the Sandy Bridge on a board today, the Ive and AMD procs beat it.

      So as a videographer, do you really need to upgrade?


      NLE’s take advantage of duel core’s and above that the code gets complicated. They use both the proc and video card to render. But its ability is limited by the motherboard and memory bandwidth. For the next year or more as a suggestion, focus on better motherboards, take advantage of the new USB 3.0, and video port. Buy the best Ive bridge or AMD proc you can and max out your memory (anything over 16GB is just bragging rights). Then spend the big bucks on video cards. Sandy Bridge is a nice proc, but it will be at least 2 years before the hardware world can catch up, and the software world? Maybe 4 years. See no one was expecting Moore’s law to be broken so no one had reason to prepare, and in a seriously depressed economy, no developers are going to spend the money at this time to attempt to capture the average user.

      Where does this leave AMD. AMD does not have the 3D technology and can’t develop it because Intel patented the poo out of it. But they have a better GPU than Intel and are focusing on dropping it on the CPU die, that will even the field back up.

      And one last word on W8, that same magazine stated that OEM makers are not 100% comfortable with putting W8 on their systems when even the greatest tech testers can’t figure out how to use W8. The biggest complaint was how to shut off a program. So do you rush out and buy W8? If you want W7 with some headaches. The OEM world is calling W8 the new Vista or Windows ME.

      Approach with extreme caution.

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      Thanks for the heads up!

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