Montage & Projection start-up, $4K or less

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      Not so sure you want to do “run and gun” video, commercial video productions, event video productions, but you do have an artistic “bent” that is crying to be expressed. You have an eye for color and balance, ear for the right notes, tempo and music relevancy, and a few dollars you wouldn’t mind investing in a business that, if you market it consistently, will bring you a ninety-day, or less, R.O.I.?

      For $4,000, or less from scratch, you can establish a solid montage production and video projection services business base. Order the suggested (or shop for your own preferences based on the basic info) today and start marketing, be in business tomorrow.

      Visit my blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go and read all about it. Earl Chessher, CorElAnn Video Productions

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      Thanks, Derek. I see we’re now connected on Twitter & Face Book. Cool. You’ve sure been hyperactive around Videomaker last few…that’s a good thing. Thanks again. Earl

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