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      I am in a situation where the only source to monitor the camera is from the DV port (The composite out is broken).Is it possible, and with what program can I monitor the camera (live) on a laptop?

      Thanks a lot,

      Spencer Stewart

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      I know from experience in Premiere Pro that when the camera is connected via Firewire, and the Capture window is open, one can view what is onscreen, but you do not have to be importing video to view the image.

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      I use winDV running on a laptop at our church to record the service to an external hard drive. I make the program full screen so I can use it as a monitor. Like Ryan3078 said, you don’t need to capture to monitor it. And of course I am connected to the laptop via the DV port (firewire).

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      Thanks a lot. I found out that it will work with Final Cut Express, the way you both described it.

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