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      Ok, so i am finnaly ready to upgrade my pc, but i am having a really hard time choosing a Video Card, because, honestly, i know nothing about them. =P

      So, what i want to do is to have Sony Vegas Pro 9 on my LCD Monitor, and i want to connect my HDTV as my EXTERNAL MONITOR, so i can edit on my monitor and watch how it would look like on a real TV.

      Then, i found this card:

      Like many others, it has more than 1 connection and it says that “Supports dual QXGA displays with 2048 x 1536 resolution at 85Hz.”

      So, here are my questions:

      1) Will the whole dual display thing of that card just DUPLICATE my dekstop or will it actually create 2 SEPARATE environments where i can connect the Monitor for the dekstop and the TV for Preview?

      2) Will i need 2 Graphics Cards, one connected to my monitor and another connected to my HDTV, or just 1 to do what i want?

      3)Any suggestions of cheap cards are welcomed! =D



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      I actually think that i’ve found a better one.

      Can i use my monitor on the VGA and my HDTV on the DVI using a DVI-HDTV adapter??

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      Your second “better” one claims “1 HDTV, 1 VGA and 1 dual-link DVI-I connector With HDMI support for easy connectivity.” That seems like it would work with your HDTV. Your video driver (NVidia Control Panel)should allow you to set your displays up.

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      When it comes to the monitor setup (how your desktop will be displayed on two seperate monitors), it all works the same whether you use a 14″ CRT monitor or HDTV. Higher resolutionsand more accurate color show up better on an HDTV. I’ve had trouble finding an DVI to HDTV (RGB) converter, so you’d probably look for a DVI to HDMI converter.

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      So, i can buy the second one, connect my tv and my monitor and everything will work?

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      Wait, I don’t think you have an understanding on how to use the external monitor. You don’t connected an HDTV to your graphics cards.

      Only computer monitors should be connected to your graphics cards. Since you are using an external monitor to see what your video truly looks like, don’t sweat the quality of your graphics card or computer monitors. If you can see what you’re doing, then they’re fine.

      When it comes to the external monitor, ideally you want that connected to a BlackMagic Design card or an AJA Xena card if you are using a PC (AJA Kona for Mac). BlackMagic and Kona cards will have all the necessary connections needed to connect the HDTV to your computer. They also allow for more real-time effects because they take off some of the processing the CPU would normally do. From there, you should be able to go into your NLE’s preferences and set it up so that video is being sent to the BlackMagic or AJA card and then to your monitor.

      You should also send audio to the BlackMagic or Kona card too and connect speakers to the audio connections of the cards. This will keep the audio and video in sync. This is a bit off topic, but KRK and M-Audio make some nice speakers.

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      Really? But for this card, for example:

      It says that it support 1920×1080 if you use the HDMI adaptor, and it supports dual display.

      So, couldn’t i just connect my monitor to the VGA and use a DVI-HDMI adaptor to my HDTV??

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      The way i suggested is how i’ve always seen it done, so I don’t know how that card you suggested works. I was always under the impression that if you connect an HDTV to your graphics cards, the TV will display the resolution you choose for a computer monitor, such as 1920X1200, 1600X1000, etc, and not HD resolution. And the graphics card might not output the color properly.

      I would go with the BlackMagic or AJA card because that’s how I’ve always seen it done.

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      I am gonna buy the card, and see if it works, if not, i will return it, and buy the black magic one.

      Btw, i noticed that vegas support my firewire port as an external preview device. Is there such thing as an firewire to HDMI or VGA adaptor? Any way that i caould connect my monitor or TV using my firewire port?

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      No. What you would do is send video out of Vegas through the Firewire and connect the other end of your Firewire to your HD camcorder. Then connect an HDTV to your camcorder with HDMI. Gotta have the camera set to Playback mode too.

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