monitor for dcr-vx1000?

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      ?Hello – Newbie question here: does anyone know if I can?connect a small screen/monitor to my dcr-vx1000 (since it does not have an lcd screen)?? Also, if I am able to?connect a monitor, will I also be able to connect a microphone (at the same time)?? Yes, I know the vx1000 is quite old, but this one must have been bought and then stored away, it’s actually barely used.


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      You should be able to connect a monitor using the S-Video or RCA connections. Most cameras have those connections.

      I’m sure that camera doesn’t have XLR connections for a mic, so what you want to look for is a 1/8′ connection – looks similar to a headphone jack, but it’s not.

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      If the camcorder as an accessory shoe, I’d do some research for a small monitor with an RCA or S-Video connector that has shoe mounting capability.

      Here’s something I came across on ebay. It’s a whopping $200, but it is a 7″ monitor that includesan RCA cable, battery charger, battery adapter, shoe mount,and remote control. And last but not least, it is “professional” – well, it appears so anyway. By the looks of it, it looks like the pro titleis something that you can trust.

      7″ Pro Monitor Kit w/ Shoe Mount & Battery Adapter

      It ends in 7 days, beginning the day that I typed this message.

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      The VX 1000 is an excellent camera. When I bought mine it cost me $7000!. There is lots of ways to go here but I’m going to suggest one that hasn’t been offered. Use Adobe OnLocation and a laptop. The screen is much bigger than most remote monitors, plus it gives you a whole lot more information. You can of course, throw away your tapes. You’ll be able to do edit without capturing. The tape drive on my VX 2000 died so that’s why I got into it. I have two new FX1000s and I still use a laptop on one so I never have to worry about swapping tapes. It is not as portable as a FireStore but you can pick up a new laptop for a lot less or you can use one that you’ve got kicking around. Gerry in Calgary

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      Thanks to for all of your suggestions!

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