Moire effects on shooting a cell phone display

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I am trying to shoot a video including a cellphone display but am experiencing significant moire effects. I've checked lots of sites about moire but they always suggest to blur the image which doesn't work in my case as the text on the cellphone screen becomes unreadable. The moire effects become worse when I edit and compress the video. I'm using a Canon HV10 (I've tried both SD and HD modes) and have tried using Premiere Pro 2.0, After Effects, and Pinnacle Studio 10.7 at various resolution, frame rate, file types (.mov, .avi, .mpg, .flv) and compression settings. I've also tried on a Sony DSC-T10 (both stills and video). I use a tripod and have the lens and display aligned (and have tried at about a 15 degree angle). I've tried dimming the cellphone display, using professional lights, regular daylight, and a darkened room with only the display generating light. But the curved moire lines still appear.

I'd appeciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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A few questions. Have you tried shooting at higher/lower shutter speeds? Is the problem evident in the viewfinder, or only once it's in the editor?

Can you take a frame of it and post it up so we can see.

Does it happen on other phones?

I'm thinking it could be real moire from the lcd structure, or more likely some kind of screen refresh rate/camera scan rate issue.