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      Grinner Hester

      hey, nothing goes un-modded around here and I’ve had a few ask about my modified camera.
      I use a Sony FX-1 for all of my production.

      You’ll note the added light and the wireless lav reciever. I keep the wireless mounted at all times as this cuts my hook up time in half if I need to mic somebody in the field. See that little cable comeing from it? I just plug that part in, clip the talent and turn it on.

      It’s mounted with a mic mount I stole off of a cheezy little A/B mixer. It slides off for battery replacement and it’s inverted so I have access to the on/off switch.

      Stop laughing. Man, I need light sometimes and this velcro special does the trick. I gelled it because it’s harsh and was too blue. This scotch tape patch job does exactly what I needed.

      and look, it’s convertible for those really dark shots!

      I travel a lot and because I removed the view-finder, I can tote this badboy on any plane in a regular duffle bag. It’s greatly reduced size also reduces deer in the headlights syndrome from people not use to cameras. I’m just a dude with a camcorder like this.
      I lose nothing by losing the viewfinder because I use the LCD screen without exeption. I’m far-sighted so I can actually mount the camera on the front of my shoulder and kind of leeeaaan back when shooting talking heads. Works awesome for stabilization.
      You’ll see me use that top handle a lot too. If shooting action, I’m usually under-handed.
      Camera still weighs less than 5 lbs as-is. I can shoot for 18 hours straight without so much as a sore arm the next day.

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      Cool! What else you modified?

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      Hey, Grinner. I didn’t know you were a member, how long you been here?

      Pretty neat little mod you did there.

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      Grinner Hester

      a few years, I guess. I just dont post a whole lot. great to se you here, man.

      aspyrider, I mod everything but my car stands out the most when asked that question.

      aquiring sponsors for a new show means a lot of swap gigs for parts… at least so far. lol

Viewing 3 reply threads
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