Which camera to buy? Already have Canon 60D

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      Hi there,

      I’m new to this place and have read over a bunch of different topics on this site. Right now I’m in the process of buying a new camera but, I’m having trouble picking one out.

      I will be focusing on weddings. My background is video and have been shooting with reg video cameras in the past. I currently own a 60D and have taken great footage with it as well as some choppy garbage.

      My thought was to get a video camera for my main stuff like ceremony and speeches. Run a wireless mic set up with it as well. With my 60D use it for broll.

      Now with that said I’m not sure which camera I should buy to partner up with the 60D???? I need some help.

      I was set on the Canon XF100, however CF cards do cost $ and you don’t get a long record on them.Then I looked at Sony NX5 (I like the file base) and the Sony V1 and Z5.

      So, I’m a little worries that the colours and stuff won’t match up great. Also I can not make up my mind if I should go with tape or file base.

      I will be editing on a imac, new model when they start to offer them.

      Can anyone give me some advice or let me know what its like mixing brands of cameras up?

      Thanks everyone

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       I just purchased a Panasonic X900M camcorder and am quite pleased so far.  It will shoot at 1080p 60p and comes with 32GB built in (no initial outlay of cash for storage) but it has an expansion slot for cards if you need more.  You can always offload the content to a computer and it can write directly to dvd if you have a portable unit.

      The x900m is a 3 sensor cam and can take 16MP stills at best, but I usually go 14MP to get the 16:9 ratio.  It has 5.1 sound mics internal with external stereo mic and headphone jacks.

      I’m still experimenting, but I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Rob, I have yet to look at the Panasonic line-up. I have only started to touch the surface getting a new camera. I really like the 60D but, coming from a video background I would like a video camera to go along with it.

      I will check the specs πŸ™‚

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      Nifty camera but I’m looking for something with xlr inputs for my wireless audio set.

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      I too have a 60D in the 18-200 kit. My primary camera is a Canon XHA1, an older tape camera whose life was saved with the addition of a Datavideo DN-60 that allows me to record to CF cards (see videomaker review). The reason I mention all that that both cameras feature 72mm lens stuff so I can share polarizers and I can use my raynox macro on both. So just a thought, perhaps there is a camera out there that will allow you to share some of the accessories you’ve bought for the 60D.

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      Jen – if CF cards are too expensive and you need XLR inputs, I think you want a $1949 Canon XA10 or $2495 JVC HM150U. Both cameras feature dual SDHC/SDXC card slots and XLR inputs. The Canon records 24Mbps AVCHD, has 64GB of internal storage and has a CMOS sensor. The JVC records at 35Mbps straight to Quicktime and has 3 CCDs.

      Either one of these cameras would intercut just fine with your 60D with color correction in post — either one of them will eliminate any DSLR moire problem — and the JVC’s CCD sensors will eliminate the CMOS jello/skew problem when you pan.

      I would get the JVC, but if price is an issue, the XA10 is a great camera too.

      I have a Panasonic TM900 – similar to the X900 recommended above. A great camera – for prosumers. For a camera you use to make a living, I strongly recommend the XA10 or the HM150.

      Shot with the HM150:http://vimeo.com/40456870

      Wedding short shot with the XA10:http://vimeo.com/32288511

      Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your decision!


      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I don’t know why this didn’t show up the first time, but would a JVC
      GY-HD100U Camcorder be too large or intrusive for weddings?


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      Evan – I don’t think size would be the main issue with the HD100U. I think the challenge would be that Jen is shooting with a 1080p camera and seems to have a preference for a file based workflow. The HD100U is a great camera for those who don’t mind 720p and tape.



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      I shoot with a Sony NX5 together with a small Sony XR500. The
      colours from these two cams are distinctly different. So much so that a last
      shoot I did was really worthless, especially the night scenes. I still havent
      resolved this problem.

      It would be advisable to test if the colour outputs from the
      two cameras do match, before you buy. This will save you a lot of aggravation.

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      I agree with Bill I just made a choice on a new camera, I had limited fund and selected the Canon HF G10 which is the prosumer version of the XA-10, with the same sensor and glass but no XLR inputs, which did not matter to me yet as all my sound equipment uses 1/8 pin jacks. I must say, I am impressed with my new camera, the new sensor does work quite well in bright and low light, and I just shot my first job with it and am impressed with the quality of the footage. I must admit that a big concern in my choice was that the new camera uses the same battery’s as my older vixias. I will probably get an XLR add on box if the need to upgrade my sound comes about.

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      Thanks everyone for your help. I have a lot of things to look into, at times I think about getting another DSLR and skip the video camera.

      However, I think for speeches and ceremony I may regret that later on due to the limited recording time on them as well as the audio monitor.

      So, many choices I need something before the end of the month. I don’t know minding up to $3000 for a camera and been looking at used ones. I have looked at the CanonXH A1as I found it used for $1100.

      Bruce did you notice any difference in the colour or anything with the two Canon’s? If I could save some cash and get a great result might really be worth getting.

      I have lots to think about lol

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      Hi Jen,

      There is a colour difference but you’ll never get an exact match. Last June I rented an XHA1 so I could do a two cam shoot and there was still stuff to correct because of the angle of the light hitting the cameras at different locations. I found the D60 a little harder to white balance on the fly so I recommend before you start a 2 cam shoot, you put the cams side by side shoot a white and gray card, colour too if you have it, and then move the cams to there location. That’s as much as you can do before hand and then the tweaking begins! Really Jen, there is always tweaking with multiple cameras. That being said, I have found a lot of similarity in the colours, and ease of correcting video, using my HV20, D60 and XHA1 with the various sensor generations.

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