Mixing 1440X1080 with 1920X1080

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      Hello Forum

      I am shooting a wedding with3 different cameras ( Sony hvr z7u, sony nx5u & Sony EX3). I am not sure if there will be any problem while editing the video (post production)on timeline as all three cameras have different resolutions (z7-1440×1080, nx5u &ex3 -1920X1080).

      I do editing in Adobe premiere pro cs5.5.

      Incase there is any problem, please let me know the solution also.

      Thanks in advance

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      What is your finished product format?

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      Are you recording in the same frame rate (ie 24, 30, 60)? If so, then you should be fine, I produced a music video shot with a T3i (1920×1080) and an FX7 (1440×1080) and the clips merged just fine, edited and exported as 1920×1080. You just may have to scale the 1440×1080 to match the 1920×1080, there’s really no noticeable distortion or quality loss. Hope that helps and good luck.

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      The finished product is DVD and Blu-Ray.

      The frame rate is same on both cameras (29.97). @Smith-When you say ” You just may have to scale the 1440×1080 to match the 1920×1080″ –> what exactly this means and How can I achieve this on premiere pro cs5.5.

      I tested one video by mixing these two resolutions & its flickering at some points. Does it has to do anything with this.

      Thanks a lot for your support,


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      When I mix like that I scale down. I don’t do much in the way of Blu-Ray but I scale down to 720 for the internet and would burn that to blu-Ray. A person would have to have a very large sreen for 720 to not look good and not sure if it would matter anymore with the upscaling technology in TV’s now.

      For DVD, of course you would scale down but you could just take the finished 720 edit and down scale the whole thing, that way it looks like the same product on both, just higher res on the Blu-Ray.

      I’m a PP guy myself. To scale , select the footage in the timeline, select the “effectstab” in the middle center top panel, twirl down “Motion” and the second option is “scale”. Position will allow you to pan a bit and get the shot looking right.

      The “Flickering” could be several things but don’t judge it by veiwer window in PP eve if you are set to full res. Burn a sample and watch it. Even with the MPE I get some flickering with AVCHD in CS5 but I know it won’t be there in the finished product.

      Good luck

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      I mix it all the time to a 1920×1080 finished product all the time. Works just fine.

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      I agree with WSanford, the flickering could be any number of things, best way to see if its in the final is to render/export it and judge off that, if using PP you can just render/export the part/clip you want to check, or just add it to a new sequence and just render/export that particular sequence, which would probably be quicker/easier unless you note the time in/out points of the clip.

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