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      I’m having what seems like a small but critical problem trying to put a multicam edit together in CS5, so I thought I’d ask you fine folks in case you’ve seen this before.

      I’ve followed the steps outlined in the Digital Producer Magazine tutorial (http://digitalproducer.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=36989-0). I successfully went through this once, but then ruined my project and had to start again.

      I have my “source” sequence with 4 synced video tracks – approx 39 mins in length.

      When I try to drag the “source” sequence into the new “multitrack target” sequence, it shows me I’ve got 39 minutes of audio track, and only 96 frames of video. I’ve removed all the markers and in/out points from my source sequence, yet for some reason I cannot get the full video track to appear in my target sequence.

      Am I missing something incredibly obvious, or has anyone seen this sort of thing before?

      Thanks very much in advance,


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