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      I’ve recently purchased the full version of Sony Vegas Pro 9 -got a great deal atsupersoftwarestore.com. After finally getting the full version to run along with the 9.0c download (update)from Sony, the “Vegas Pro 9” part of the software package seemed to be intact.

      A short while ago, I noticed the software lacking transitions, title options, and a number of media generator affects. Having edited previous projects with a Sony Vegas trial download, I am now unable to load those projects.

      Could someone direct me with the apropriate download links to all of these essential add-ons, such as the ones that seem to be only trial-exclusive?

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      I’ve never heard of Supersoftware.com, and worse yet, neither has ResellerRatings.com. Their price of $99 is too good to be true, and unlikely legitimate. Have you registered the product yet with Sony?

      I have no idea what you have because everything you are lacking in your copy is in Vegas Pro 9. The only difference from the demo version and the full version is the serial number.

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      I’ve successfully entered the serial number, but still lacking the registration process. Everytime I start the program, I am guided through an “online” registration process and get a message that the software is unable to connect to the server. When I attempt the same process through the Help menu while Vegas is running, the registration appears to complete successfully. Every time now I restart Vegas, I am forced to complete (or cancel) the registration process before the programwill start.

      [UPDATE] I’m seemingly able to resolve only while I’m writing this post. After a few more tries of registering. and continuous “Retries” trying to connect to the server, I was briefly instructed to enter the authentication code. After completing the authentication code once and twice again, I am now able to start Vegas with everything… all included features and no more looping through registrations.

      “I’ve never heard of Supersoftware.com, and worse yet, neither has ResellerRatings.com. Their price of $99 is too good to be true, and unlikely legitimate.”

      It did strike me suspicious at first glance, but looking over it, the looks of it were entirely professional. There were a number of hoops to jump through after purchase and download to get the software running. What became even more suspicious is that I was instructed to put in false registration names, and there was a product key generator with words in Russian. But other than that, the entire package looks fully accessible… haven’t got to the part of installing DVD Architect/Sound Forge yet, though.

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      It definitely sounds like you’ve purchased unauthorized (I.E., “warez”) software. You just won’t be able to use it to upgrade to the next release.

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      I’d probably have to go with your first assessment on unauthorized software, but any future releases/upgrade detectors should be able to detect my previous version and authorize a free (or reduced price) upgrade. I’d also have to see that it will be a good long while before a newer version comes out. Most online Vegas Pro 9 sellers have their prices range within a couple hundred dollars of the retail value.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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