Missing Files of Offline Clips in Premier CS2 Project

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      AvatarRick Gillespie

      Is it possible that files that were originally linked on a higher security level (like Admin level) are not going to be visible on a lower security level (like student level) when you go into a Premier Pro CS2 project and discover that all your clips are offline? When you go to the folder where original footage is stored on the computer, the folders are empty while on a lower security level.

      I am teaching at a Tribal Community College where I did have access to an Admin level when my project was set up in Premier Pro. Is the reason I cannot find my links in Premier Pro CS2 because they are hidden from view at the student level access to the computer?

      Is this a possible explanation?

      Thank you for your help.

      Rick Gillespie

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      yes – if you cant see them – Premiere can’t either –

      Here’s one more – maybe the most important editing tip I could give someone is always rename your video files as soon as you’ve logged the footage to the computer. This will help you to remember which ones are which. If you try to do this later – you will get the dreaded “MEDIA OFFLINE” message and may ruin a whole project! Trust me – this has happened to me once when I had a documentary I had worked on for weeks done and some files became unlinked – ooops!

      all my carefully composed edits – still-shots – all gone πŸ™
      hopefully this will help someone from making that same mistake!

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