Minimal pro quality DV camera?

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      I’m poking around trying to figure out what sort of camera I’d like to invest in. I’m curious if people have any suggestions.

      Here’s my needs:

      Mini DV
      Under $2000
      Mic Inputs (Ideally with multiple track options, but that’s not essential – Direct XLR appreciated)
      3ccd (obviously) or equivalent other tech
      Reliable use as a deck (since I’m not investing in a separate deck yet)
      Sleek menu options a bonus and ideal but not completely necessary.

      I have experience with a GL-1, and other cameras of that grade as well as all sorts of palmcorders. The image quality doesn’t need to be off the map incredible – I’m more interested in versatility. I’d like to be able to enter small film festivals, as well as be able to do some small time work in local documentary, at the moment the current project being medical. In my experience, the image quality on most monitors wasn’t really decipherable between a palmcorder and a full size, though showed more in extreme lighting situations and/or when projected onto a big screen.

      I’ve been looking at the GL-2’s and at least on ebay they go anywhere from 1300-1800. What I’m trying to figure out though is if I’m better off getting something like that and assume it’ll last me for a couple years of use, or if I should at this moment go for a 3ccd palmcorder reserve the extra money for a later purchase of something fancier. Any thoughts about noticeable image quality differences/functionality? Any particular models designed specifically for my market value?

      I also need something relatively quickly as I have projects coming up this week if I have the camera, or at the least by next week, so retail is more ideal than mail order unless the price discretion is way too high.

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      If You’re familiar with a GL-1, you’ll probably like the GL-2 quite a lot. Used ones are in your budget, and you can buy the MA-300 adapter for it, which gives you two XLR inputs.

      The GL series isn’t the best in low lighting, but in all the events I’ve ever done with them, I’ve never heard any complaints. Plus, bang-for the buck, you just get more features on the GL-2 than you do on similarly priced cameras.

      Hope that helps!

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