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      Does anyone know of any device that can capture video from a minidv tape to a computer? My camera can record and playback footage, but for some reason, my computer won’t recognize it. I have tried several firewire cables but nothing is working. It used to work but now my camera is starting to act really strange. Hope I can get some help here.

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      what program are you using. I’m not sure how other programs work, but I know with Final Cut, you have to have your camera on (in play back mode) before you launch the program.

      Sometimes you have to plug the firewire to the back of the computer too. Apparently those ports have more power going to them.

      Sometimes the firewire ports go bad on cameras. Actually, I’ve only heard of it happening to the Sony VX2000 and 2100, but i suppose it could happen to any camera. Last resort is you get a MiniDV deck. They’re expensive… It could be the cost of your camera, maybe more.

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      If you are having trouble with both the computer recognizing the camera and now the camera operation, it could be a symptom of something serious. Without knowing more specifics, it is hard to hazard a guess.

      If you ever hot-swap your Firewire devices (plug on unplug Firewire cables with either the camera or computer or both on) you might want to read this article…

      Firewire Hot-Swap Danger


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      If your cable problem is a physical Firewire issue with either the camcorder or the computer port, a repair could cost serious money (up to half of the new cost of your camcorder.) So if you have a friend with a camcorder using Firewire and a computer that captures the video, try swapping the camcorders with each other to see if the problem occurs with only one of your Firewire ports.

      Otherwise your next option would be to get another miniDV camcorder to act as an edit deck. I’ve gotten some good deals from eBay (and really screwed a couple of times.) So I still watch for deals & recommended sellers. Hopefully it will turn out to be a desktop Firewire problem and can be fixed with a new card.

      Good luck tracking it down and solving the dilemma.

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      Thanks for your support guys. The good news is, it wasn’t a hot-swap problem. The bad news is, my camera is no longer under warranty. So it would probably be cheaper to get a new camera. I’m going to trade cameras with my Dad since he can use his other cameras to put video on a computer.

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