MiniDV tape v.s. DVD v.s. Hard Drive Format Comparison

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      With all the different formats available – I am hoping to gain some insight to be better educated. When I first got into computer editing I purchased a Sony TRV-525…it is still working great and provides flexibility ie. can be used as a loop through to transfer analog tapes to my Apple computer. I also have been extremely happy with the quality of the recordings on Digital 8 tapes.
      I also liked the fact that it plays back my old Video 8 tapes (that still look great!)
      So I am a bit nervous to make a choice between 3 formats of recording video.
      I am not sold on the Hi-Def yet, mostly because the projects I produce are for non-profits – and are mostly viewed for their content not quality.
      My question arises from the need to purchase 3 video cameras for different non-profit organizations wanting to have cameras on-site to be used to capture guest speakers etc. with the purpose of making copies for distribution to volunteers.
      Remember…non-profit means I need low cost, reliablity and performance….simple is better. Features I prefer are external mic input, quality zoom lens, user friendly controls.
      I will also be using these cameras for teaching students (age 13-80yrs) the basics of simple video production from script to screen.
      I prefer to store footage on tape for easy access and referencing of raw footage of projects.
      I am not sure how I would attempt to keep track of footage recorded onto a hard drive for 5 different projects.
      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
      I’m a linear editor from way back – even edited on 2" Quads!

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