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      Does anyone know of a device that will transfer mini DV cassette footage to a computer? I don’t want to wear out my camera heads prematurely by uploading footage straight from the camera.

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      It’s been mentioned here before that the cost of a mini-dv deck is usually not worth the value it brings (unless you do a ton of importing I guess.) The suggestion is to buy a low end mini-dv camera and use it as a deck. Much cheaper, and no wear and tear on your regular cam.

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      You might look on eBay for a non-working camera, or do a search for "miniDV needs repair." It is not unusual for the imaging electronics to go out on a camera while the playback portions will still work fine. It is so expensive to repair these cameras that they have little or no value.

      Look through the descriptions for a good camera that still plays back but will no longer create a good image. You might be able to get a compact and inexpensive miniDV deck out of it.

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      Without naming my company’s name i do a TON of video importing. I am talking in the neighborhood of about 20 hours a day min. I have four stations set up and we purchased 4 JVC BR-DV3000U. They have a small footprint in relative size and accept DVCAM and MiniDV in both NTSC and PAL. If you would have go that route. At the time we purchased them for $1500 each with a Mack Warranty for $130 each. These were bought at B+H PhotoVideo.

      They are tough and rugged machines in the almost after 2 years i have used the warranty on atleast 3 machines. But then i pack it up and drop a check in it for $20 with a return printout from Mack. And these are the only fees i have ever paid to them.

      They have several options on the machine to show times and other information of your choosing.

      BTW i think they are rack mountable they have several screw holes on the side.

      They output on Firewire, S-Video and composite. We use the firewire and run these into a Creative Labs XFI Video Blasters.

      I use the Video Blasters because using their software VidCap it is easy to use capture. The box is technically doing the encoding. This one of only video capture boxes that support MPEG2, MPEG1 and DV, but its selling point is that it will keep video / audio sync even past 2 hours, not an easy trick. At the time the ran about $200 and have several in / outs and volume controls.

      But sadly they are no longer supported by Creative and i cannot find the XFI versions. I have a standard Video Blaster version too but i feel the audio is not quite as good.

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      You have already received some very good advice. I myself used to use a small inexpensive Mini DV camera for capturing but when my volume of work increased I opted for something more robust. I bought the Sony Walkman GV-HD700 which can also play the HDV format. It cost $1200.00 at B&H. I am happy with it and can recommend it whoeheartedly. The only problem is that capturing to the computer takes so long!!!

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