miniDV still here?

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      are miniDV camcorders till like good compared to new camcorders that have come out?…do any flash based camcorders have good quality compared to miniDV..and im talking about consumer camcorders, not prosumers….u know the ones u see at best…..

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      Some yes, others no. There are definitely some GREAT MiniDV shooters still on the market, and often GREAT deals price-wise compared to the new technological miracles. MiniDV tape isn’t going away tomorrow, next week, or even two years – Fearless Earl’s Famous Predictions.

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      Yea, I don’t think miniDV is going anywhere anytime soon either. If you get a camera at Best Buy, I’d make sure your camera has at least 3 1/3″ CCDs. 1/4″ CCDs are not very good and you definitely don’t want just 1 CCD

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      Given the right circumstances and situation and need, good things can be accomplished with single chippers, even 1/4 CCDs, but I agree that 3 CCD and 1/3 or bigger is pretty much always better (in the right hands). The Canon HV30 is truly an awesome camera for the bucks.

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      Mini DV is still used for media back ups and will be for some time in the furture. Even when the tape cam’s are long gone there will still be a market for back up media, until they find a new back-up media that’s better then tape, and so far nothing comes close. Maybe these new solid state hard drives may prove to be reliable, who knows it’s too soon to tell.

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      “…do any flash based camcorders have good quality compared to miniDV..and im talking about consumer camcorders, not prosumers….u know the ones u see at best…..”

      Well, my little Aiptek flash media camera has really good quality. This mainly depends on whether or not I’m using Pro software like Premiere, Vegas or Final Cut, or free software like Windows Movie Maker or Jahshaka, but in pro software, the video quality is amazing.

      This little camera also includes an audio recorder and photo camera, and I don’t have to buy any special shotgun microphones first. The audio and picture quality are also very nice. The photo camera is 8 mega pixels, better than the Nikon D40, and as good as the Canon EOS Rebel XT. The audio is better than bigger cameras I’ve used from Sony.

      Also don’t forget ease of use, it was a very cheap camera and I don’t have to buy tapes, just empty the SD card after every production shoot.

      If this camera doesn’t beat any other camera, I don’t know what does. It’s given me consistently good or great stuff for over two years. In other words, this thing was built back in 2006!

      Butof course, there are Cons: The focus is a switch on the side; I’d like a ring. The exposure is not the best, lag time when taking photos…

      Other than that, THIS CAMERA ROCKS!

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