minidv playback issue : Just blue screen :(

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      Yesterday I shot a lot of footage on a mini DV tape (60 min worth) with my Canon XHA1 camera. Last night I reviewed over all the footage played back through my camera. Well this morning I took the tape out because I had to capture another tape. After I captured the second tape, I popped back in the first tape, and it would not play at all. It doesn’t pick up any timecode at all, it just plays blue screen, as if it were blank. I tried playing other tapes, and every single one of them is fine besides this tape. I also ran a head cleaner after the problem but it didn’t fix it. I haven’t tried playing the broken tape on any other cameras due to the fact I do not have access to another camera that will play hd 24p footage. Anyone have any suggestions to what this might be?

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      Take it to a dub house asap.

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      I bet the tape is fine and you need to re-look at your setting for output on the camera, maybe try the reset to default settings. I have had this happen to me using an XHA1 and assumed it was because I had not striped the tape. I FF’d and found a place where I could get a time code but PPro still didn’t like the tape so I ended up using NERO (came with computer).

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