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      I give video seminars on dog training. I’ve long given up on getting a decent quality DVD from FCE so I print to video and use my camera as a VCR and plug into a projector with HDMI connection. The tape image quality is far superior to a DVD disc. I travel extensively to present seminars and am concerned about using my Sony Z5U as a VCR. Is there a MiniDV deck or MiniDV vcr which is reasonably priced that I could use rather than my camera. Thank you for your assistance.

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      sure, man. Hit ebay and take yer pick.

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      Just an assumption, but being that you are using a Z5U, you are probably shooting in HD. DVDs are only standard definition. I would get a blu-ray burner if that is the case and play blu-rays for presentations if possible. Actually if the videos are short enough you can burn a “blu-ray” to a standard DVD, but that only solves the media and burner problem. You will still need a blu-ray player to play it back.

      Your next problem if looking for a deck to play back is it will have to support HDV. It has been a while since I looked at decks, but even the normal miniDV decks (that don’t support HDV) were extremely high priced for my uses. I just wanted to copy all my footage to a hard drive I captured over the past 13 years or so from my old miniDV cam that has worn out.

      Another option is to use a laptop that has the HD video on it and play it back through the type of projector you stated you used. My laptop has an HDMI port on it and is literally plug and play whenever I attach it to an HDMI source.

      In my opinion, the easiest route would be the laptop method as it will take more wear and tear than any blu-ray player can if you are traveling. It is also much more portable than a miniDV deck.

      I use a couple Z5Us for my shoots now, and I have used all methods I have listed above except the miniDV deck. I don’t even shoot to tape anymore, straight to compact flash so don’t have to worry about wearing out any mechanical parts.

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      If you don’t mind spending the money, get a Sony GV-HD700 ‘clamshell’ and spare your camera the wear and tear.

      BH Photo-Video Sony GV-HD700

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      That deck looks alright (sans the price). Can it record from a “print to tape” type of option he uses for his camera, or would you still have to use the camera for this function? It would be good for long time archiving if you need it, but digital storage in general is pretty cheap – and never store your project in just one place!

      You can get a hefty laptop for the same price with plenty of storage and an HDMI out, and you wouldn’t have to carry around a bunch of tapes. Laptop also give you a little more control over playback and you don’t have to rewind a physical tape to get back to the beginning and play again.

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