minidv camera with time lapse?

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      I’m going to head to Mexico for a road trip with friends. Wanted to mount a cheap mini dv camera in the car and have it take time lapse for the whole trip. Is this possible? Are there cheap dv’s that do this? I shoot time lapse with super 8 but since the film rolls are only 2.5 mins a piece it wouldn’t be possible to film the whole trip.
      I have a gl2 with a time lapse feature but I am going to be shooting with it throughout the trip and I wouldn’t want to leave that in the car unattended anyways.
      Thanks for any advice in advance,

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      I wouldn’t go with video for that one…I’d use my canon g5 still camera.
      export the stills to iPhoto, create a slideshow, export it to iMovie, speed it up in iMove then add it to the rest of my video at that point. (gives you the added ability to do zooms and crops (ken burns effect)on individual frames)

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      Too bad I don’t have a still camera. Thanks for the advice though.

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