Mini Film Contest with iPad + US$1,000 Cash Prize

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      SHORT VIDEO + MOST VIEWS = iPad + US$1,000

      The miniWINDER-miniVIDEO international
      video contest with iPad and cash giveaway brought to you by skylabs. Grab your video camera and let
      your imagination go wild to produce the most popular short video and nab the
      top prize!

      skylabs, an invention company and producer of the
      miniWINDER, opens up the miniVIDEO contest whereby competitors produce and post
      online videos featuring miniWINDER ( the worlds smallest and coolest automatic
      earphone carrier)- with the video receiving the most online views crowned

      The rules are simple: post a video, 60 seconds or less,
      featuring the miniWINDER being used in any way. miniWINDER could appear in a
      short futuristic film, a dynamic art video, be the focus of a promotional
      video, featured in a comedy sketch or even an apocalyptic adventure; the
      possibilities are endless.

      skylabs is looking
      forward to viewing the creative talent of upcoming filmmakers and enthusiasts
      a skylabs representative. The
      competition is open to video-makers, film makers or just fans of our products and
      allows them to express their talent in a competitive forum as well as an
      opportunity to win some handy prizes . We believe the miniVIDEO challenge is
      mirrored in skylabs products and in the companys ambitions.

      Competition is expected to be fierce as it is being promoted
      internationally and is effectively open to any person with internet access and
      a video camera or cell phone camera. To
      submit a video, competitors simply post the video on a video-hosting site with
      miniWINDER present in the title and forward the direct link to A skylabs
      team member will publish the link on the skylabs site for public viewing.

      Registrants will be
      entitled to receive discounted miniWINDER purchase for use in their video. Full
      details can be found at


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      Uh huh,

      I thought there was a catch. You have to buy a frickin’ MiniWinder (which is just a wannabe iEarphone winder for $15) to ‘feature in the video’ and no matter what happens, ‘skylabs’ wins. You pay them $15 bucks for a piece of plastic that cost them maybe $1 after over all fees and you get ‘the chance’ to win $1k. Scam. Hey skylab folks, just pay for an ad.

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      But Composite, it’s a discounted piece of plastic prop for your video…

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      Fortunately there is no need to buy the miniWINDER. The following YouTube video was made by a fan who simply took photos off of the skylabs homepage to make their own video.

      For entrants that are interested in buying a miniWINDER for their video there is a special discounted price.

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      “But Composite, it’s a discounted piece of plastic prop for your video…”

      “For entrants that are interested in buying a miniWINDER for their video
      there is a special discounted” price.


      Echo? Echo?


      I tried to look at your contest rules but ‘have to download the latest version of Adobe Reader’ to see them. Sorry, I already have the latest reader and am not downloading anything from some strange site. Why aren’t your contest rules set up on a straight up web page like the rest of your site? You might be on the up and up, but that looks awfully suspicious. Anyway, is there an entry fee? Not to mention you’re basically saying ‘if we pick your video, we’ll pay you a thousand bucks’. I guarantee you it cost more in man-hours and equipment costs to make the video than you plan on paying for it. Long as members who see this are informed of the lack of potential gain for this endeavor, I don’t have a problem with it.

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      Thank you for alerting us to the problem with our webpage. It seems that currently the rules can only be viewed with Internet Explorerer. We are working on fixing the problem.

      There is no entry fee for this competition. If you are interested in taking part I would be happy to PM you with the full set of rules for the time being.

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      Echo? Echo?

      Was trying poke fun at the”ad” and the wonderful “reduced” price offer it presented.

      The contest does offer an iPad ($500? they wouldn’t offer the high end model with 3G at $830 would they?) as winner gift as well so now we are up to $1500 value taxable winnings.

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      I was poking fun at the coincidental use of ‘discounted’ by both you and Skylabs.


      Thanks for the offer, but I don’t work for free.

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