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      I am a new forum member just getting into the video production. I am in the market for a Mini DV VCR to review underwater video as part of a research program. Several people have recommended the Sony GV-D1000 unit. However, others (and the on line reviews) suggest that this unit is not very durable. Any words of wisdom about this unit? I like the small screen on the unit for use quick review in the field (but can live without it), as I plan on hooking the unit up to a larger monitor for actual, video review and editing. Are there suggestions on other units which might be better options?

      I appreciate any help you can provide, Fishboy

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      As a previous owner of the Sony GV-D300 (same as the GV D1000 without the screen), I can say that it was a very reliable unit for at least 1 1/2 years. After that time, it needed new heads, door latch. After returned from the Sony Service Center it worked fine for another 4 months and the same problems started occuring again. I was told by both Sony and B&H Video that this unit is based on a consumer quality components and if you are doing a lot of editing, consider the Sony DSR-11 deck (Commercial Grade). I’m waiting on my delivery of the DSR-11 unit currently.

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      For the money, you could purchase about 3 or 4 consumer minidv cameras with lcd screens on them. They use batteries and are great for use in the field. You can use them just like a deck and capture via firewire. Make sure it will display your timecode, and you are set. The consumer single chip minidv cameras use the same tape mechanism components as a consumer quality deck. It’s true, and it will save you a lot of money!

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