Mini DV tapes?

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      Hi I’m new to video. I read somewhere in this forum about always using the same kind (brand) of mini dv tape in your camera. I’m wondering if this is really necessary and what is the reason behind it? I am a missionary and am working with Native American youth & young adults. We are trying to help them use video in ministry and their community. In the past we used hi 8 cameras and often switched tape brands.

      We recently aquired a new Canon GL2, and a used Sony VX2000. We can make sure we use all the same tapes on the GL2, but we don’t know what was used in the Sony, Although we were told it was hardly used. What is your suggestion?

      Thanks in advance

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      Thanks for the info Hank. I’m guessing from your reply that the lubricant is the factor in staying with one brand of tape. Would it be ok to use Sony tapes in the canon camera?

      Thanks again, Howard
      PS I am in Lawton

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