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      What is generally considered to be the best Mini-DV tapes?
      It’s been a while since I’ve purchased any.


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      Well, for quality, Sony makes some real slick Tapes.

      Personally, I buy mine at Sam’s Club. They sell an 8-pack of Maxell tapes for $20. Anywhere else, the same exact tapes would cost me $35-40.

      The only time I’ve ever had a problem with a tape was when I bought some super saver generic brand tapes online for something like $1.75 each. It looked like a savings, but it was the biggest waste of cash ever.

      Honestly, if you’re using virgin stock for your projects, about any tape will do. It’s only in recording over existing footage where you can hurt yourself with cheap tape. In my opinion, avoid generic brands, and you’ll be okay.

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      When I started with my camcorder (about a year and a half ago), I purchased some "inexpensive" (can’t call them cheap) tapes on eBay – They turned out to be knockoffs (counterfeits) and have caused all sorts of trouble for my camcorder.

      Since that learning experience, I only buy name brand tapes and try to stay with one brand (that’s been recommended to me). I have used Sony but they can be a bit pricey, so I get 8-packs of TDK at Costco for about $22 per pack. Since I have gone exclusively to the TDK (real ones) I haven’t had too many problems (eBay tapes really did a job on my heads and I’m still having occasional problems – nothing a head cleaning doesn’t solve however).

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